My Name is KETRIN

My name is Katrin. I am from Russia. Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved bending. Later I went to the Rhythmic Gymnastics. Today I am 22 and finance my studies with this website. I show you the beautiful life as a contortionist and as a member you get some erotic view of my body. I have a DD breast. And if you're a Silicon Lover, I have to disappoint you, everything is real. I train several times a week for my flexibility. By the way, I'm still single and looking for my soulmate for life. If you think that you are then send me a E-Mail with a picture of you to me. Your Ketrin

  • Height: 5'9
  • Breast: DD
  • Shoes: 41
  • Legs: 1,10m
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Job: Student
  • Hobby: Yoga, Books
  • Contortion: Natural & Trained



You will find a new video on my page every 2nd Monday. On the Monday in between there is the Images Update. I produce new videos and search for your ideas. Please tell me if there is something I can realize for you in a video.

  • Flexible fun in the sun

    That was a tough shooting for me. The sun burned at 35 degrees in this latex catsuit, it was brutally warm. an interesting experience for me.

  • Lady in Black

    This outfit is amazing. I love these stockings in black nylon. They shine so beautifully in the sun. If you want to buy this outfits go to Fets Fash. If not enjoy my show on the balcony. Your Ketrina

  • Ballerina at the pool

    Red ballet shoes and a sexy outfit. Today I show myself as a ballerina by the pool. Enjoy my show

BUSTYbendy IMAGES Updates

Most of my movies are in 4K quality. The best shoots from these videos can be found here as a separate image update. It can happen that I also publish exclusive pictures of myself and my life here. If there is no video of it then I'll tell you that. Every 14 days you will experience a new picture update.

  • My first Shooting

    It starts with bustybendy. It's my first shoot for this website. I'm still a bit nervous in front of the camera. But my photographer helped me to overcome this timidity. The location was just fantastic.

  • Bendy in the sun

    I want to sunbathe today. I lie down on a lounger in my bikini. But for a long time I do not think it's easy to lie. I love to do contortion for you

  • My Live as Doll

    What a night. My master really does not have enough of me yet. He kisses my doll face and wakes me up. After that, he begins again to bend my boneless body in extreme poses. He wraps my arms completely out. I feel nothing because I am a doll