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Flexible exercises after work


My name is Katrin. I am from Russia. Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved bending. Later I went to the Rhythmic Gymnastics. Today I am 22 and finance my studies with this website. I show you the beautiful life as a contortionist and as a member you get some erotic view of my body. I have a DD breast. And if you're a Silicon Lover, I have to disappoint you, everything is real. I train several times a week for my flexibility. By the way, I'm still single and looking for my soulmate for life. If you think that you are then send me a E-Mail with a picture of you to me. Your Ketrin
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  • Tall: 5'9
  • Breast: DD
  • Shoes: 41
  • Legs: 1,10m
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Job: Student


You will find a new video on my page every 2nd Monday. On the Monday in between there is the Images Update. I produce new videos and search for your ideas. Please tell me if there is something I can realize for you in a video.

  • Flexible Homewok

    Flexible exercises after work

  • Flexible Puppet

    Crazy Regdoll Act - I love being able to bend myself totally crazy as a motionless doll

  • Waking up in the Morning

    After waking up in the Morning i enjoy to strech my erotic flexible body

BUSTYbendy IMAGES Updates

Most of my movies are in 4K quality. The best shoots from these videos can be found here as a separate image update. It can happen that I also publish exclusive pictures of myself and my life here. If there is no video of it then I'll tell you that. Every 14 days you will experience a new picture update.

  • Shiny Black

    I got a new outfit from Fets Fash. These stockings are awesome. I love her. The body wow! It is time that I present you this outfit properly. So follow me on the balcony!

  • Back from Shopping

    The fridge is empty and the most beautiful villa is nothing without food. So I went shopping. By granting the purchases in the fridge, I bend for you. the kitchen table is made for it

  • Animal Desire

    First of all, I am completely naked. But after I've slipped into high heels and a sexy body from Fets Fash, I'll show you what I can do with my extremely flexible body.

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